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Why Organic?

Why Organic?


Debating about whether to buy organic food or inorganic food?

You've come just to the right place my friend! Read this article to get all the info you need!

How Organic Food is Made/Produced

The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines organic as crops that are produced on farms that have not used most synthetic pesticides herbicides or fertilizer for three years before harvesting the food. There needs to be a significant buffer zone to decrease contamination from adjacent farm lands. Farms also have to be free from any genetic engineering, ionizing radiation or sewage sludge (yuck). And as it relates to livestock, animals must be fed organic feed, live on organic land and be raised without routine antibiotics or hormones.

Free range doesn’t mean organic; it just means animals weren’t kept in such small enclosures. Also, the “natural” label on food means there’s no artificial flavoring or color ingredients, but that doesn’t mean it’s organic or free of pesticides.

Increased exposure to pesticides can lead to increased risk of ADHD and autism. It is also linked to reduced cognitive skills, ability to learn and memory. Exposure to pesticides may lead to the development of Parkinson’s disease, fertility issues and cognitive decline later in life. There is also a potential link between cancer and pesticides. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified three common pesticides as carcinogenic. The primary exposure in humans was through diet.

So yes, organic food is healthier. Even though it contains the same amount of nutrients, it is grown in the traditional method without harmful substances, which makes it worth it! This is how organic food is good for you! 

Overall, is it better to eat organic? 

Yes, it is better to eat organic food. Why? You eliminate the exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals that were used to adulterate or grow food. It is known that pesticides and other toxic chemicals have been lead to cause to cause cancer and neuro-developmental issues. It's also a eco-friendly and sustainable way of growing yummy fruits and vegetables. After all, have you tried to the different in taste between an organic tomato and non-organic tomato. The results will shock your mind! This is why organic food goes for the win! 


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