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Why I Started My Business


Here's my story.. 

All my life I was known as this super healthy child. I never got allergies, never got hurt, never had got sick or had a cold, not even stomachaches. Then I went to college. I started eating out a lot and drinking alcohol. I  changed my diet completely by eating pizza, fries and a lot of junk food. Basically the diet which was eating a lot of processed and fried/oily/junk food. Growing up I used to eat an  Indian diet with an emphasis of lots of organic fresh fruits and veggies everyday with rice and naan thanks to my mom.

As time went by in college, I slowly started to see my health deteriorate in college. I developed allergies, got a kidney infection twice and even got an allergic reaction so bad I had to be hospitalized overnight. The doctor at the ER said I should see an allergist. I did and the allergist said I was allergic to everything like grass to every kind of nut, dogs, cats, etc. I was shocked, I’ve never been allergic to anything how can I all of a sudden be allergic to every single nut there is and even grass when I’m a soccer player? It got so bad that I felt dizzy one day and felt like I couldn’t get up. It lasted 10 days. After the 10 days, I decided to see a doctor finally. I saw the doctor and she said I had acid reflux and that I shouldn’t worry and it’s completely normal. At this point I was extremely frustrated! Why am I getting such bad health problems when I’m only 21 years old. I dug deeper into why my health was getting so bad and I realized it was because of eating processed toxic foods that caused my acid reflux and allergies. It helped keeping a food journal to see note down how my body would react to foods that I would eat. 

Then covid hit and I got back home to eating my moms cooking. Remember my mom cooks with organic food and our diet includes fruits and veggies for every meal! Now, I barely have acid reflux symptoms and allergies. For the first time in my life I realized the power of a good healthy diet. This ignited a passion in me to end this horrid toxic food and to help people preserve their health and not have to go through horrible health experiences like I have. This toxic food turned a completely healthy young adult like me to a person with a lifelong disease like acid reflux. So I started Green Club a website where our sole missions is to only sell non-toxic organic food! No artificial bad stuff! As I go on this journey to encourage people about eating good organic food, I’d like to you to join in too! If you support clean living and organic food you too can shop at

 After all food can either be a slow poison or a healing medicine!


Green Club

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