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46,000 + Unique Products!
46,000 + Unique Products!

IBM TotalStorage 3592 Enterprise Tape Cartridge


The IBM 3592 tape cartridge contains an advanced fourth generation (MP++++) metal particle formulation in a dual layer coating on a half-inchwide tape. The IBM tape uses an advanced magnetic coating and process designed to provide a high output and signal quality to support the current IBM 3592 J1A tape drives.

  • This data cartridge is resilient to physical and electronic damage, allowing you to safely store data for years or even decades preventing media decay and corruption
  • IBM 3592 cartridge - Satisfies enterprise data center's demands for data retention, security and availability within a small budget
  • 600 GB compressed storage capacity for long-term storage
  • 300 GB of native storage capacity - Simplest solution to keep vast databases and intensely large volumes of digital data